We’ve launched COV-CLEAR, a platform to consolidate the world's efforts to fight COVID-19.

We're building and sourcing a set of open standards and tools to enable countries to deploy what's needed for population-wide infection and immunity testing. These are essential and need immediate adoption.

COV-CLEAR and all its components are open, free and non-commercial. We’ve started our work in the UK, to accelerate the government's national testing programme and support the nation's return to normal life.

We launched on 15th March with the COV-CLEAR Case Reporter, leveraging the first open standard for COVID-19 case reporting. We are receiving community case reports from all over the world, which, putting privacy first, will help citizens, researchers and governments.

We are now striving to curate and build a complete set of open standards & tools, and bring together the community of talent needed to implement these into working systems around the world.

You can view our Privacy Policy here.

If you can volunteer skills or other support, please contact icanhelp@cov-clear.com or on Twitter.

Founding team

Dr Jack Kreindler MB BS: Founder, Medical Director CHHP
Twitter | LinkedIn | General Medical Council

Dr Shamil Chandaria PhD: Strategic Advisor, DeepMind
Twitter | LinkedIn

Oliver Lambert: Associate, Mosaic Ventures
Twitter | LinkedIn

Lord James O’Shaughnessy: Former UK Health Minister and No.10 Director of Policy; Member of House of Lords
Twitter | LinkedIn

Tom Hulme: General Partner, GV
Twitter | LinkedIn

Oren Goldschmidt DPhil: Founder and Managing Partner, Flow Innovation

Douglas de Jager: Former Googler and Founder, Human.ai
Twitter | LinkedIn

Dr Adrian Weller: Programme Director for AI, Alan Turing Institute
Twitter | LinkedIn

Harsh Sinha: Chief Technology Officer, TransferWise
Twitter | LinkedIn

Jose Galarza: Engineering lead, TransferWise
Twitter | LinkedIn

Steve Pole: Engineering lead, TransferWise

Kostas Stamatoukos: Engineering lead, TransferWise
Twitter | LinkedIn

Uku Tammet: Engineering lead, TransferWise
Twitter | LinkedIn

Duncan Lamb: VP Design, TransferWise
Twitter | LinkedIn

Oliver Viljamaa: Engineer, TransferWise

Joe Tallett: Detection Engineering Manager, White Ops
Twitter | LinkedIn


Please Tweet us at @covclear or e-mail us on info@cov-clear.com.

Thank you to our volunteers and pro-bono supporters

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